Last weekend’s Hall of Fame ceremony unexpectedly became the old king’s reunion, because not only was Chris Webber, the actor of the Five Tigers era, was selected, Hey Dude Women's Shoes but also the coach Rick Adelman was awarded this honor, so other players have also Get together to congratulate. Edman said in his speech: "On the Kings that year, we had Weber, Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Mike Bibby, Doug Christie and Bobby Jackson, they are both at the scene today.” In fact, not only the five tigers are here, but also the previous kings are not absent. Edman pointed out: “Williams (Jason Williams) also Here we are, and Brad Miller is also on the scene today. Our team is really great." Such a vast scene also proves the friendship between each other. With the help of Assistant Pete Carril, the King showed the Princeton tactical selfless team spirit to an artistic level. He also said: “People love watching us play, not just the locals in Sacramento, but the whole The United States is the same. The players are on the cover of "Sports Illustrated". They are the biggest topic in the entire league."

Of course, for Edman, who has been honored by the Hall of Fame, he has not only brought the king but also coached the pioneers for many years. In the early 1990s, he also brought out the "Five Black Treasures" headed by Clyde Drexler, which was hit twice. 2021Sneakers, When closing the championship game, he also unforgettable the enthusiasm of the fans of the past: "The Kings fans are very similar to the Pioneers fans. They love their team very much because they are the only professional team in the city." The changeable style of Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook) ) Appeared at the Met Gala today (14th), but Weisterbrook was dressed in avant-garde style today and appeared in a dark suit, but with a blue hair, new changes appeared. A few white stars are specially processed. In fact, Westbrook’s blue hair is not the first appearance. Recently, he has already posted photos of the new look on his personal IG. In the photo, Weisterbrook is wearing a knitted sweater with a long skirt, and a new all-white look. Let people see his changeable style again.

In addition to Westbrook, there were also other athletes attending the feast known as the "Fashion Oscar", such as Stephen Curry's husband and wife, tennis player Serena Williams and Osaka Naomi, the captain of the American women's football team. Sneakers2090 ,Megan Rapinoe and others all showed up at the venue. The retired European star Toni Kukoc officially entered the Hall of Fame last weekend. The senior Bulls reporter Sam Smith who authored the book "The Law of Jordan" mentioned that because the team has Michael Jordan and Pippen (Scottie Pippen) is on the line, otherwise if Kukoc joins his team, he will definitely shine. "I know every little detail of his career. When the Bulls picked Kukoc in the second round of the draft, it should be considered an unprecedented success." Smith pointed out that he emphasized that the current league is being European players ruled, Giannis Antetokounmpo led the team to win, and Nikola Jokic won the MVP. In Smith’s eyes, Luka Doncic is the most powerful and admirable active player. This European golden boy is also what he expected Kukoc to become. "If Kukoc joined at that time If he is not the Bull, then he will obviously perform like a great star, just like Don Cic’s performance now.”